B  r  o  w  s  e  r  H  a  c  k 


BrowserHack is a graphical dungeon game in the spirit of NetHack (although a lot smaller in scope), which runs as a Java(TM) applet inside your web browser. 

It has nothing to do with hacking into computers.

Quick Start
  :-(   Sorry, you will need a Java enabled web browser.

BrowserHack is still in early stages of development.  There'll be nothing to play for a while yet. 

Here are some progress meters:

Monsters 25%
Objects 55%
Commands 75%
Levels 100%
User Interface 95%

August 2004 Summary
Nearly all of the scrolls, wands and potions have been implemented.  Eating now works properly, most of the food items are done and about half of the special effects from eating corpses.  Most commands are working now, including a good set of help screens - the rest are not needed in the Mini-Demo (pay bill, cast spell).  The most significant thing remaining to make the Mini-Demo playable is the combat system (you attacking monsters, and vice versa), and monster-specific behavious (e.g. horses kicking).

April 2004 Summary
Things are progressing slowly.  Significant changes since the last report (nearly a year ago, wow!) include: movement commands have been sorted out, levels now contain shops, nests and zoos, you can pick up and drop stuff, many scrolls, wands and potions have been implemented, you can now wear armor, wield weapons and eat things, and there are history and discovery windows. 

I'm also working on a "MiniDemo", which is a cut-down version of BrowserHack (less monsters, objects, levels etc...), which should get finished a lot sooner.  Yay, something to play !

May 2003 Summary
In May several important pieces were added.  First was the menus that occur before the game begins, including the name input window and a nice role selection window.  Next was the death, winning and credit windows (containing both pictures and text).  Lastly the vision system, including proper line-of-sight checking and lighting.  The user interface is now almost complete, and BrowserHack looks just like its bigger cousins.

(Gordon the Wizard)

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